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Football is a game where 2 teams try to kick an inflated pig skin into each others goals.


Offside Position[edit]

A player is in the offside position when there are less than 2 opponents between them and the opponents goal.

Offside Offence[edit]

A player cannot interact with the ball if they were in the offside position when their teammate last touched the ball. If they do, the referee will declare offside.


Champions League[edit]

The UEFA Champions League is a competition between the top football teams in Europe.

Premier League[edit]

The Premier League is a competition between the top 20 football teams in England.

Recent News[edit]

Jun-2018: Spanish selection sack the manager of the selection because of a conflict with Real madrid when this decided secretely to sign for Real Madrid as well. This happened just three days before the first match of the 2018 world cup and started an internal crisis in the Spanish selection.
On June 11th 2017, the England under 20's team won England's first Football world cup since 1966.[1]
Neymar is due to transfer from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain for a record £198 million.[2]

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  1. England win Under-20 World Cup final after 1-0 victory over Venezuela
  2. Neymar to PSG: World record transfers as £198m move edges closer